EP.3: Hara & Ramengvrl & Heals

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Plainsong Live presents a series of sessions set in intimate spaces that allow each artist to showcase their individual characters in a way they have never before. Each episode is directed by filmmaker Anggun Priambodo. Live stream new episodes here every two weeks and chat with our featured artists.



Hara is Rara Sekar’s solo project, a new space for her to experiment with various media. After Banda Neira, Daramuda, and other collaborative projects that took place between and after, Rara Sekar finally released her solo music project in October 2020. Unlike her previous music projects, Hara’s music is a musical fusion inspired by folk, ambient, neo-classical, and post-rock. 



Since the release of her debut single in late 2016, Ramengvrl has grabbed the hearts of not only rap fans but also audiences outside of hip hop with her witty lyrics and saucy attitude. Having collaborated with names such as Dipha Barus, Jarreau Vandal, and even Afgan, she proved her ability to jump in any genre possible, and even snatched an Indonesian AMI Award in 2019. 



Bandung-based unit Heals performs songs with a musical style that resembles new wave and shoegaze, along with an 80s goth charm replete with dreamy reverbs. Their music is influenced by bands such as Amusement Parks on Fire, My Vitriol, and Slowdive, despite its members coming from previous bands of different genres. 

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Sat. 5 Desember 2020 at 8 PM

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